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Alabama Slammer Cocktail Recipe

An Alabama Slammer is made up of Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, and Amaretto Liqueur mixed with a citrus, almost always Orange Juice, base.

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In the 1993 movie Aspen Extreme, one of the main characters asks for a Tequila Slammer. We're guessing that was a goof and that Dexter Rutecki really meant to ask for an Alabama Slammer. And that's the biggest compliment that we can give this adult cocktail, that it just could have been referenced in one of the best skiing movies of all-time.

Anyway, the name betrays the amount of booze in this mixed drink. Alabama Slammer makes us think more Four Horseman than the casual party punch that it is. Southern Comfort is the liquor with the highest proof rating (70).

Alabama Slammer Recipe Ingredients

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