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Amaretto Sour Cocktail Recipe

The biggest question surrounding an Amaretto Sour is whether you make it from scratch or with a store-bought sour mix.

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We say you make it from scratch. If you're in a pinch, then sure, you could use a mix. But like a good home-cooked meal, a fresh Amaretto Sour doesn't leave you with that hint-of-plastic aftertaste that a mix does.

Unlike other Amaretto Sour mixes that add Bourbon, our version of the cocktail adds a splash of Dark Rum to the mix. But just a splash. Adding too much hard liquor is going to alter the flavor profile of the mixed drink.

We tend to stick with Disaronno when making Amaretto Sours. Not because we want to be snobbish about the brand, but because we prefer the consistency of its quality. There's a wide variety of quality found in the various brands of Amaretto liquers on the market.

As for Dark Rum, or Bourbon, elect your favorite. However, if you're favorite happens to be a private stock Rum or well-aged Bourbon, maybe just use something off of a lower shelf, as the point is to serve as an additional flavor.


Amaretto Sour Cocktail Ingredients

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What type of glass do you pour an Amaretto Sour cocktail in?

What does an Amaretto Sour pair well with?

Amaretti Cookies, of course.

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