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Banana Split Cocktail Recipe

It's like a boozy trip to your local Dairy Queen, only in drink format.

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A Frozen Banana Split cocktail
Frozen Banana Split

Put the banana boats aside and grab a straw, because this is a spectacular respite from the boring drinks you've been enjoying lately.

If we were really getting crafty, layering on a marshmallow & whipped vodka float and substituting out the whipped vodka in the mix for pineapple and strawberry vodka would make this a more complete frozen cocktail. Because when it comes down to it, you're really just sorta recreating ice cream with the milk, the cream, the ice, the sugar from the booze ... you get the drift.

Frozen Banana Split drink equipment

Banana Split cocktail ingredients

Substitute Ingredients

What type of glass do you serve a Frozen Banana Split cocktail in?

A highball glass or a poco grande glass works just fine. You know poco grande glasses from the Pina Coladas.

Similar/Alternative Cocktails

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