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Blue Gatorade Shot

This is NOT the Blue Gatorade you reached for after Soccer practice. Or maybe it was ... in college.

Blue Gatorade Shot
Blue Gatorade Shot

Everyone needs to try a blue drink - or shot for that matter - now and again.


  1. Cocktail Shaker
  2. Shot Glass


Ingredient Amount
Blue Curacao 0.75oz
Sweet & Sour Mix Splash
Vodka 0.75oz

Substitute Ingredients & Variations

  • You could get away with a splash of Melon Liqueur to replace the Sweet & Sour Mix, if you saw fit.


  1. The ingredients to make a Blue Gatorade Shot, including Vodka, Blue Curacao and Sweet & Sour Mix

    Gather Ingredients

    To make a Blue Gatorade Shot, you're going to need Vodka, Blue Curacao and Sweet & Sour Mix

  2. Half a shot of Vodka in a shot glass

    Add the Vodka

    Pour 3/4oz of Vodka into an empty shot glass.

  3. Vodka and Blue Curacao poured into a shot glass

    Add the Blue Curacao

    Pour 3/4oz of Blue Curacao into the shot glass.

  4. 4.

    Add the Sweet & Sour Mix

    Pour a splash of Sweet & Sour Mix into the shot glass.

  5. Step Five: Serve the B-52 Shot

    Serve the Shot

    You're finished making the shot. Enjoy.


What type of glass do you pour a Blue Gatorade shot into?

A Standard Shot Glass.