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Grim Reaper Shot

Fast and effective, this shot will knock you into next week if you have a few too many of them.

Grim Reaper Shot
Grim Reaper Shot

The Grim Reaper mixed drink might call for white rum, but shot mode requires something just a bit stronger. That's where the over-proofed rum comes in.


  1. Shot Glass


Ingredient Amount
151 Proof Rum 0.75oz
Grenadine Splash
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 0.75oz

Substitute Ingredients & Variations

  • You can substitute the Kahlua for any coffee liqueur


  1. Step One: Gathering the ingredients, including 151 Rum, Grenadine and Kahlua

    Gather Ingredients

    151 Rum, Kahlua and Grenadine. Good to go.

  2. 2.

    Add the 151 Rum

    Pour 3/4oz of overproofed Rum into a shot glass.

  3. 3.

    Add the Kahlua

    Pour 3/4oz of coffee liqueur into a shot glass.

  4. 4.

    Add the Grenadine

    Add a dash or two of Grenadine into a shot glass

  5. Step Five: Serve the Grim Reaper Shot

    Serve the Shot

    You're finished making the shot. Enjoy.


What type of glass do you pour a Grim Reaper shot into?

A Standard Shot Glass.