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Painkiller Cocktail Recipe

Like a Pina Colada with a dash of personality, the Painkiller is a terrific cocktail that is primed to be your next poolside beverage.

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A Painkiller cocktail
A Painkiller cocktail

The Painkiller is one of the (now) five Trademarked Cocktails because it must be made with Pussers Rum. There is no exception. We were tempted to correct a bartender once when we heard them say that this cocktail could be made with any dark rum.

Anyway, what is enjoyable about the Painkiller is that it has the flavors of the tropics without the sickly sweetness of a store bought Pina Colada mix. It's also underrated as a Beach Drink.

The ingredients in a Painkiller Cocktail recipe, including Pusser's Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cream of Coconut, and Nutmeg, along with a Pineapple garnish
Painkiller Ingredients

Painkiller Recipe Ingredients

Making a Painkiller Step One: Pouring the Pineapple Juice
Painkiller Step One: Pour the Pineapple Juice
Making a Painkiller Step Two: Pouring the Pussers Rum
Painkiller Step Two: Pouring the Pussers Rum
Making a Painkiller Step Three: Pouring the Orange Juice
Painkiller Step Three: Pouring the Orange Juice
Making a Painkiller Step Four: Mixing in the Coco Lopez - aka - Cream of Coconut
Painkiller Step Four: Mixing in the Cream of Coconut
Making a Painkiller Step Five: Stirring the Ingredients
Painkiller Step Five: Stir the Ingredients
Making a pitcher of Painkiller cocktails
Painkiller pitcher is vacation gold
A 12 oz Painkiller from Prairie Artisan Ales, a Malt Beverage with OJ, Pineapple Juice and Coconut Powder
Painkiller from Prairie Artisan Ales

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