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Purple Gatorade Shot

A Thirst Aid for That Deep Down Boozy Body Thirst.

Purple Gatorade Shot
Purple Gatorade Shot

For all you sports enthusiasts and gym class heroes out there, know that this shot is not proper hydration for your exercise needs. Unlike Gatorade, the only touchdown you will be scoring is your head to the pillowcase should you have too many.

If we're correct, weren't the Purple Gatorades Fierce Grape and Riptide Rush?

A bottle of Purple Gatorade (Grape Flavored)
Real Purple Gatorade

What you're going after when you make a Purple Gatorade shot is just the slight notion of imitation grape, which is conveniently why there is no grape called for in the ingredients. You see, just hearing the word Purple is going to trick your mind into thinking there is a bit of grape in the shot.

And that's all that we want there to be. The more that this Faux Gatorade flavor feels like a mix of cough syrup and middle school gym class, the better.

As for the strength of the Purple Gatorade shot, we'd give it a middling grade. A Four Horseman it is not. On the flipside, it's not a Butterscotch McGillicuddy's nip either - and we put those in our breakfast cereal.

How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot

Making a Purple Gatorade shot can go one of two ways. The first includes the directions below. That involves using a cocktail shaker with some ice to chill the mix. The second is to just pour the shot freehand into the shot glass.

The photo and the directions we've laid out take both directions, with the former being written out and the latter being shown in the photos. For instance, the photos will show you cranberry juice instead of grenadine.

Sometimes you just gotta make drinks with what is on hand. Improvisation within the guidelines of the recipe is always welcome.

Half a shot of Vodka in a shot glass
Shot glass half filled with Vodka

Step 1

Fill your Cocktail Shaker with ice. Or, start by pouring half a shot of vodka into a shot glass. If you take the second approach, eliminate the half a shot of vodka in Step 2 and proceed to the Blue Curacao.

Half a shot of Vodka and Blue Curacao in a shot glass
1/2 Blue Curacao and 1/2 Vodka

Step 2

Pour 3/4 ounce of each ingredient, Vodka and Blue Curacao, and the splash of Grenadine or Cranberry into the Cocktail Shaker. Shake with vigor.

A splash of Cranberry added to the top and poured into a shot glass
Purple Gatorade shot poured with ingredients

Step 3

Strain into the shot glass and serve. Notice how the the liquid in the shot glass went from clear to blue to purple? Fascinating.

Alternative Drinks/Names for a Purple Gatorade Shot

  • Grimace


  1. Cocktail Shaker
  2. Shot Glass


Ingredient Amount
Blue Curacao 0.75oz
Cranberry Juice Splash
Vodka 0.75oz

Substitute Ingredients & Variations

  • If you want a slightly sweeter version of the shot, try swapping out the Cranberry for some Grenadine


  1. The ingredients to make a Purple Gatorade Shot, including Vodka, Blue Curacao and Cranberry Juice

    Gather Ingredients

    The ingredients to make a Purple Gatorade Shot, including Vodka, Blue Curacao and Cranberry Juice

  2. Half a shot of Vodka in a shot glass

    Add the Vodka

    Pour 3/4oz of Vodka into an empty shot glass.

  3. Vodka and Blue Curacao poured into a shot glass

    Add the Blue Curacao

    Pour 3/4oz of Blue Curacao into the shot glass.

  4. 4.

    Add the Cranberry Juice

    Pour a splash of Cranberry Juice into the shot glass.

  5. Step Five: Serve the B-52 Shot

    Serve the Shot

    You're finished making the shot. Enjoy.


What type of glass do you pour a Blue Gatorade shot into?

A Standard Shot Glass.