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White Russian Shot

Hey, careful man, there's a shot here!

White Russian Shot
White Russian Shot


  1. Ice
  2. Rocks Glass


Ingredient Amount
Vodka 1oz
Coffee Liqueur .5oz
Heavy Cream Dash

Substitute Ingredients & Variations

  • You can substitute the Heavy Cream for Half & Half if you prefer.
  • You can substitute the Kahlua for any decent coffee liqueur.
  • You can substitute regular Vodka for a Whipped Cream, Salted Caramel or Cake-flavored Vodka if you want to play with the flavor profile of the adult beverage.


  1. Step One: Adding Coffee Liqueur

    Add Coffee Liqueur

    Add the Coffee Liqueur. Any coffee liqueur will do. We prefer Kahlua.

  2. Step Two: Add the Vodka

    Add Vodka

    Add the Vodka. Once again, any vodka will do. We prefer something better than college swill. Here we are using Tito's. Your choice though really.

  3. Step Three: Adding the Heavy Cream

    Add Heavy Cream

    Add a dash of Heavy Cream. Heavy Cream is so much more delicious than milk or half and half. If given the option, always opt for Heavy Cream when making a White Russian.


What type of glass do you pour a White Russian Shot into?

A Shot Glass.