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Porch Rocker

Brewer/Patriot Sam Adams gives us the unofficial beer of a New England Summer with Porch Rocker. Ok, Sam Adams isn't still alive. But if he were, we're confident he'd like this radler.

Porch Rocker, a Lemon Radler brewed by Samuel Adams Brewery

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Porch Rocker
Brewery Samuel Adams Brewery
State Massachusetts
Type of Beer Lemon Radler
ABV 4.5%

A perfect beer to pair with lobster, Porch Rocker is infinitely flexible at the picnic table. It's also outstanding for the beer leaguer who isn't looking to swill down a bunch of cheap beers post-game.

Samuel Adams Brewery Beer Description

This beer was inspired by German cyclists who mixed beer with lemon-lime flavors after a tough ride. In Porch Rocker, we've brewed a Golden Helles combined with a smooth effervescent lemon-lime taste that'll kick the heat out of any summer day.

Hops & Malts used in the Porch Rocker brewing recipe

Lemon puree is added.