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Downtown Rabbits Review

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Second Wind Brewing Company Downtown Rabbits
Second Wind Brewing Company Downtown Rabbits

Downtown Rabbits is meant to be enjoyed in the presence of your (silent) best friend. Unless you're the quiet type. Then just sit back and laugh.

This tribute to Jay and Silent Bob warms our hearts. One of the three great slacker duos of all-time*, Jay and Silent Bob's iconic Quick Stop wall pose is captured on the Downtown Rabbits beer can labeling. It's the type of beer that makes you want to play street hockey on top of a convenience store or hang out at a Jersey dirt mall.

Bursting with flavor, Downtown Rabbits is more Jay than Silent Bob in its assertiveness. The Sabro hops shine through in the tropical fruit flavor and accounted for the creamy coconut that was present. Second Wind Brewing says soft and fluffy and we have to agree on that account. The pour is a great shade of yellow with a playful amount of foam.

A 16oz can of Downtown Rabbits poured into a pint glass
We all know the rabbits are Jay and Silent Bob, right?

A great beer for watching the Pats throttle teams on Sundays. Speaking of legendary duos, equally a great beer for watching Brady and Gronk throttle teams in Tampa Bay on Sundays.

Great beer. Even better branding. Absolutely stellar job, Second Wind Brewing. Stellar.

* Along with Bill & Ted and Wayne & Garth

ABV 8.6
Hops Galaxy,Sabro