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Spacecat Brewing Company

The Grand Opening is tomorrow (10/1/2021). You should check them out if you haven't already.

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Spacecat Brewing Company in Norwalk, CT
Looks pretty fantastic | Photo Courtesy of Spacecat Brewing Company

Is there someone who doesn't love Spacecats?! We aren't big fans of cats, but we adore Spacecats. Anyway, we're told that Spacecat has been built at a historic location (J. & J. Cash textiles mill). We love those too. So head on down to South Norwalk and support them.

Spacecat Brewing Company Hours

  • Fri: 2PM – 10PM
  • Sat: 2PM – 10PM
  • Sun: 12PM – 6PM
A pour of beer from Spacecat Brewing Company in Norwalk, CT
Photo Credit to Spacecat Brewing Company

Spacecat Brewing Company Beer

Spacecat Brewing has a variety of beers on tap, with most being available via crowler to go as well. You can build your own tasting flight, which is always a fun option, and, a good way to experience a few of their tasty craft beers.

A review of their beer's abv will show a range of 4-7%. Very, very drinkable beers. Definitely not pushing the high abv limits early on.

  • Back to Earth
  • Cosmic Candy
  • Felix
  • Harvest Moon
  • Sundial
  • Sunswept Blonde
  • The Tree Cat

Spacecat Brewing Company Food/Menu