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Thirsty Thursday | Vol. 3 - June 16th, 2022

Greylock, AI-based Beer Recipes and Atlanta Breweries

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Welcome to the first edition of Thirsty Thursday, our weekly update on all things craft beer and beverage. As always, our goal is to help you find your next craft beverage.

Featured Article: The Strongest Beers

High ABV beer used to be a lot more scarce. Nowadays, almost anyone can get their hands on a beer with an alcohol content that is in the double digits. Europe makes a bunch, and so does the United States.

However, there can only be one beer that is actually the strongest. Find out which with our World's Strongest Beers guide.

​Greylock is a powerful 12% of Imperial IPA fun that can be had in and around New England. It is brewed by the Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company out of Worcester, Massachusetts. It is outstandingly delicious, so don't be fooled into thinking it's not going to pack a punch.

Straight outta Cumberland, Rhode Island is Ravenous Brewing Company, a fun taproom that could take Sunday Funday out on a date.

Why does that matter? Easy, Ravenous's food truck game is (almost) unchallenged in the region, bringing in the almighty purveyors of the fresh lobster roll, Rogue Island. With tasty brews and excellent food, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to forget where 3.5 hours on a weekend went to.

Beers we recommend:

  • Bad Bad Leroy Brown
  • Rhode Haze
  • Yo Mama

The city of Atlanta is home to at least a quarter of the breweries and taprooms in the state of Georgia. That's no small percentage. Then again, Atlanta is as large as their craft brew styles are diverse.

Some of our favorite breweries in the city include Arches Brewing, Bold Monk, Orpheus and Scofflaw Brewing (also, cause it's a great name).

Check out our Atlanta Brewery Guide.

Craft Brewing Business magazine wrote an interesting article on the effect that Artificial Intelligence is having on recipe innovation. Deep Liquid's AI helped the collaborative parties get an IPA, "The Rodney AI IPA" into market. It then saw the "Rodney v2" get into marketing, "70% faster".

We aren't scholars in AI-based platforms, but the recipe iteration is an interesting thing to watch. Hopefully this technology doesn't replace the humanity of the industry.

That said, Deep Liquid will be working with Nola Brewing and New Bohemia Brewing to launch brews in the United States over the coming days (June 20th) down in Louisiana.

Read the article: How Deep Liquid’s AI improves beer recipes and engages customers​

Wrapping Up

Thanks for tuning in. Reach out if you have any questions, concerns or otherwise, we'd love to hear from you. And, if you think there are ways that we can improve, let us know.

Enjoy this Thirsty Thursday safely!