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Types of Daiqiuri Recipes

While most Daiquiri types are fruit-based, some have real names and are named after real people, much like the Hemingway Daiquiri.

Interesting Tools

One funny thing about frozen daiquiris, besides Ernest Hemingway ingesting a rumored 15 daiquiris in one sitting, is that a tropical climate such as Cuba's had enough ice in the early 1900s to make that many daiquiris.

Strawberry Daiquiri

The gold standard in Daiquiris, even though it's not considered to be the "classic" recipe. We're not sure that we've ever heard anyone order a regular Daiquri, that's how popular the Strawberry version is.

Miami Vice

A beach drink if we ever saw one, a Miami Vice is a 50/50 blend of Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. If you travel to Cancun, Panama City, Cabo San Lucas, or any place where thousands of spring breakers might gather, you're sure to find a beach bar slinging these boozy half'n'halfs to customers.

Lime Daiquiri (aka Classic Daiquiri)

The Lime Daiquiri, or simply just, Daiquiri, is a classic cocktail that never goes out of style. In many ways, it's the rum-laden version of the Margarita, all the way down to the issue of demerara sugar syrup vs. agave as a sweetener.

Banana Daiquiri

A Banana Daiquiri, to many people's surprise, is typically made with fresh lime juice and coconut milk. We truly believe that it would be better suited to join forces with strawberries as a Banana Strawberry Daiquiri than as a standalone drink.

If you're more of a chocolate banana person, or someone who really loves Dairy Queen, may we recommend the Frozen Banana Split instead?

A Watermelon Daiquiri with a lime garnish and gummy bears on a stick
The classiest way we make this cocktail

Watermelon Daiquiri

Big, big fans of the Watermelon Daiquiri. Watermelon just blends so wonderfully. One thing that is interesting about the Watermelon Daiquiri is that it accepts Rum well, especially Light Rum.

By that we mean that you can go easy on the Rum and the flavor will still be spectacular. Or, you could be a bit heavy-handed and the watermelon flavor is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the increased sugar from the rum.

Watermelon Basil Daiquiri

Contrary to our statement on the regular Watermelon Daiquiri, we aren't big fans of the Watermelon Basil Daiquiri. If you like Basil, it could very well be your thing. It's just not ours.

Here's an interesting Watermelon Basil recipe to try.

Mango Daiquiri

Mango Daiquiris are aggressive. It's a flavor that's a bit too tart for us. They must be acknowledged as a viable drink to order when you're sitting poolside though.

Why? Because mangoes should be the official fruit of the hammock. Doubly true for a hammock placed between two palm trees.

Pineapple Daiquiri

Pineapple anything is cause for a good time. Such is the case with the Pineapple Daiquiri.

Orange Daiquiri

Ok, ok, it's not our fault that Orange Daiquiris are a thing. You can blame Julius of Orange Julius fame for that.

While that's not true, a good Orange Daiquiri will be somewhere between the Screwdriver and the Creamsicle when it comes to sweetness v

Coconut Daiquiri

California Avocado Daiquiri

A California Avocado Daiquiri is probably the only drink with alcohol that Tom Brady will consume. It's not even an Avocado Daiquiri, no, it goes all the way to label it a California Avocado drink.

Hemingway Daiquiri

Deadshot Daiquiri

Nuclear Daiquiri

We saw this one on and it piqued our interest. We'd normally assume that any cocktail with the word "nuclear" in the title would be extremely rich with liquor.

Daiquiri FAQs

What are Virgin Daiquiris?

Virgin Daiquiris are much like the alcoholic cocktail of the same name, only without the booze. A lot of bars and restaurants offer Virgin Daiquiris for children and people who don't drink. Health Clubs sell Virgin Daiquiris as, you guessed it, Smoothies.

We'd go to the gym a lot more often if we thought we could sip on some Miami Vices once we were done. To be clear, ones with liquor in them.

Where are the Best Places to Get Daiquiris?

Can I buy or rent a Commercial Daiquiri machine for a party?

Yes, you can both buy a Commercial Daiquiri machine as well as rent one. They aren't cheap though, so start stacking some money now for the fun to be had later.

Unlike the upgraded home model or small bar shack Island Oasis, the commercial grade frozen drink / daiquiri maker machines are generally made by Taylor. If you're going to rent one, make sure you have enough power to supply it, as it takes more than your standard one-plug/one-socket to operate.