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Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey, a Belgian-Style Tripel Ale brewed by Victory Brewing Company
The sneakiest of monkeys

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Golden Monkey
Brewery Victory Brewing Company
State Pennsylvania
Type of Beer Belgian-Style Tripel Ale
ABV 9.5%
IBU 25

Nothing like a 9.5% ABV, 274 calorie monkey to jump on your back when you're least expecting it. Victory Brewing's Golden Monkey is a high ABV beer that is deceptive in how it displays it's alcohol content. You may find yourself halfway through a six pack before you realize that the monkey is packing a punch.

As for flavor, this Tripel is delicious, they've really hit a homerun.

Victory Brewing Company Beer Description

Mystical flavors to enlighten you. Nose is loaded with Belgian yeast character of banana and clove with an equally fruity body balanced with a light, earthy hop character. Savor notes of orange and spice followed by a dry finish.

Hops & Malts used in the Golden Monkey brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Golden Monkey