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If you ever wanted to drink an actual onomatopoeia, you're in luck! ¡SPONCH! is a Sour Berliner-Weisse that's brewed in the key of Willy Wonka and tastes like the sound a red dodgeball makes when connecting with a Gym Class Hero's face, if only such a thing could be tasted.

WeldWerks Brewing Company SPONCH
WeldWerks Brewing Company SPONCH

With a flavor that's equal parts Hi-C Fruit Punch and Mashmallow Fluff, ¡SPONCH! is EXACTLY what you thought beer would taste like when you were a kid. This was before your cool older cousin snuck you a Stroh's when you were 13, thus ruining the dream. Thanks, Bro!

¡SPONCH!, the beer, is many things. ¡SPONCH! is the lost magic word on You Can't Do That On Television. ¡SPONCH! is that feeling you get in your stomach when you eat a whole box of Little Debbie's Swiss Rolls in one sitting. If ¡SPONCH! were a song, it would be Walk the Dinosaur by Was (Not Was).

¡SPONCH! is the kind of beer that makes you want to pull your Metallica shirt over your head like Beavis and yell, ¡SPONCH! heh heh ¡SPONCH!

If world leaders drank ¡SPONCH!, wars would be fought with Gotcha Guns!

¡SPONCH! isn't our favorite beer of all-time. But, it might just be the most fun we've ever had drinking. It reminds us a lot of Millenial Mansion, another sour from Oklahoma's Prairie Artisan Ales.

Buy some SPONCH Cookies. They must be great.

ABV 4.5