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Red Rack Ale

A beer that can be enjoyed after a day of skiing. Whether that's water or snow is your choice.

Red Rack Ale, an Amber Ale brewed by Woodstock Inn Brewery
3 more Red Racks to go in that variety pack

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Red Rack Ale
Brewery Woodstock Inn Brewery
Type of Beer Amber
ABV 5.5%
IBU 23

Woodstock beers are consumable in quantity. Their Red Rack Ale is testament to that. Grabbed a variety pack and we polished off a few before we even got the rest on ice.

A variety pack of Woodstock Inn Brewery beers. It included the Red Rack Ale, Pig's Ear Brown Ale, Lost River Light, and Exit 32
Variety is the beer spice of life

Woodstock Inn Brewery's Beer Description (on can)

This ale is a tall, cool drink of ... beer. Amber with malty sweetness, balanced by bright hop character. A brew like this comes along once in a lifetime. Until you open another one.

Hops & Malts used in the Red Rack Ale brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Red Rack Ale

Woodstock's Red Rack ale is a fine companion for summer grill operation. It's also a great beer for beer brats. The pace of one's beverage intake accelerates when holding tongs and a metal spatula, so it's best to lean on the (somewhat) low ABV of the Red Rack. Otherwise, a couple of Triple Sunshine's from Lawson's might lead to some unwanted grease fires.