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Frankie Review

Frankie would work best as a beer among many beers in your summer cooler.

Zero Gravity Frankie
Zero Gravity Frankie

Defining the taste of Frankie takes some work. Is it a shandy? Is it an ale? Is it a seltzer? Enjoying the taste of Frankie does not, however. It's crisp, fun, and light, without being insubstantial. The cherry/citrus combo is nuanced.

You probably wouldn't sit down and clear a six pack, but 1-2 to kick off an afternoon gathering wouldn't be out of the question. Also, what is calamansi?

ABV 5.1
Hops Citra,Motuere,Pilsner
Malts+ House Lager,Malted Wheat,Pale Ale,Rolled Oats