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Brevet, an India Pale Ale brewed by 3cross Fermentation Cooperative

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Brewery 3cross Fermentation Cooperative
Type of Beer India Pale Ale
ABV 6.7%

3Cross Fermentation Cooperative is a fun and unique brewery that is located in a building basement just South of Downtown Worcester.

3cross Fermentation Cooperative Beer Description (on can)

A brevet is not a race. This does not mean that a brevet is easy. You will ride further than you thought possible and encounter unending climbs, broken pavement, torrential rain, and mechanical failure. But you can do this. As long as you stop every once in a while to enjoy the scenery. Much like its namesake, this IPA is meant to be approachable, but not watered down. Huge notes of orange, mango and pine resin dominate, but bitterness is restrained. Flavorful, but not aggressive. Workmanlike, not flashy.

The beer in this can will never be better than it is today. Keep cold. Drink fresh!

Illustration by Adam Cutler.

Hops & Malts used in the Brevet brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Brevet