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Brewery: Banded Brewing Company

Samoan Drop

We love Caramel deLites® (Samoas®). And we really like this beer. And, we really love Caramel deLites® (Samoas®). Had to be said twice.

Type of Beer: Porter

ABV: 8.4%

Samoan Drop, a Porter brewed by Banded Brewing Company
Purple, just like the cookie box.

Did someone just melt a few thousand boxes of Caramel deLites® (Samoas®) and pour some vodka in? Almost everything comes through, the caramel, the coconut, even the dark chocolate. We expected less of a dark chocolate taste, but it was there.

Banded Brewing Company Beer Description

Robust Porter with Shortbread Cookies, Caramel, Toasted Coconut + Dark Chocolate Chunks

Decadent, Rich, Creamy Waves of Caramel & Sweet Cookie, Hint of Dark Cocoa + a Coconut Finish

Our favorite coconut-caramel cookie in a beer! Shortbread cookies with caramel & dark chocolate are added directly to the mash then the brew is finished with a “dry-hop” of toasted coconut. A powerhouse brew with a sweet, delicious embrace.

Hops & Malts used in the Samoan Drop brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Samoan Drop

Like Hard Seltzers, beers that recreate flavors are all the rage. Vitamin Sea Brewing does it with their Blueberry Pancake Beer. Others do it too.

Banded Brewing's Samoan Drop is a worthy homage to the almighty purple boxed cookie.