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What Are the Best Pilsner Beer Glasses You Can Buy?

From Bormioli to Spiegelau, we discuss what Pilsner Glasses are made of, why you should use one, and the types of craft beer you should pour in them.

Pilsner Glass filled with beer amid other foods in a rustic setting
Pilsner Beer Glass

You’ve had a pilsner before, even if you don’t know. Most of the biggest brands in America brew pilsners. Brands such as Budweiser, Miller and Coors. This would be your Bud and Bud Lights. Your Miller and Miller Lites. And, your Coors Banquet - aka - Yellow Jacket beers.

Same goes for the biggest Mexican beers. You wanna know what that little Coronita is that you’re sipping surfside this summer? Pilsner, that’s what. Same goes for Modelo and Pacifico.

Despite the love for India Pale Ales, craft beer has pilsners too. Pilsners such as Green State Lager from Zero Gravity in Vermont and Alexandr from Schilling in Littleton, NH. These easy-drinking lagers have their own special drinking glasses, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

If you need to upgrade your home bar’s drinkware, and, you prefer Saaz and Hallertau hop use to Dank IPAs and Kettle Fruited Sours, then know you’re in the right spot, as we’ll cover everything you should know about Tall Pilsner Glasses and their shorter cousins.

The Benefits of Using a Pilsner Glass

According to San Diego magazine, ”The narrow bottom, tapering to a wider top, aids in preserving and showcasing the effervescence of the beer and it promotes head retention, which, in turn, maximizes aroma.“ And San Diego knows a thing or two about beer.

Visual clarity is another benefit of using a pilsner glass. Show us a person who doesn’t get mesmerized by the bubbles (thanks, carbonation). It’s ok, we’ll wait.

The Downsides

Craft Beer Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, the tall Pilsner glass being one of them. We think they’re a bit larger than they need to be. For the clumsy, this could cause problems. But, to each their own.

If you prefer your favorite pilsner glass to a beer mug with a handle, than so be it.

Good Pilsner Glass Brands

Luigi Bormioli makes some pretty slick pilsner beer glasses. Same goes for Spiegelau. And JoyJolt makes some crystal pilsner glasses that are a bit more pint-y. There’s even acrylic and stainless steel, though we aren’t sure that the former makes for the best dinnerware if you’re being fancy.

Custom Pilsner Glasses

Show of hands ... how many of you have received a custom glass at some point in their lives? We have, and we (assume) you have too if you’re reading this. It‘s a great beer gift idea and it’s hard to fault the family members of beer lovers for doing so.

Alternatives Types of Beer Glasses to Pilsners

Beer is beer. It is better to drink a Pilsner from a Nonic Glass than it is from a paper cup, ya know?

  • Beer Steins. All day, every day. We’re never not going to choose a stein if we can. They’re among the best that barware offers.
  • Champagne Flute. Sure, if you’re sipping Sam Adams Utopias at a high falutin’ craft beer tasting.
  • Libbey Glass. You know, for smaller pours. We’ve definitely poured a high abv beer into a Libbey glass before just to limit our intake.
  • Nonic Glasses. You wouldn’t feel shame pouring your Noble-hopped Pilsner into a Nonic Glass and neither would we. Easier to hold than a traditional pilsner glass due to the bulge, a Nonic is probably what you’d get if you ordered your pilsner from an English Pub.
  • Pint Glass. No need to go Spiegelau when you just want a cold beer in a pint glass. The pint glass you got from the last bar promotion will serve your needs. Maybe you can even drop the coaster you got from the promo team below it.
  • Pitcher. You know, technically you could consume a Pilsner from a pitcher. We don't recommend it, but it's an option.
  • Tulip Glasses. Too fancy a name for a working person’s beer.
  • Whiskey Glasses. We’re big fans of Glencairn Whiskey Glasses. They mix and match well with bourbon barrel aged stouts. And of course, whiskey neat.
  • Wine Glass. We’ve drank beer out of a wine goblet before, haven’t you? In a, “When in Rome” kind of way, if you’re the person bringing the 4-pack of craft beer tallboys to the wine & cheese party, you’ll take what you can get. If you know that to be the case ahead of time, opt for a fresh saison, or anything that goes well in a Tulip glass for that matter.

Pilsner Glass FAQs

Can You Wash a Pilsner Glass in the Dishwasher?

Do you think pub glasses get washed entirely by hand? Of course you can wash pilsner glasses in the dishwasher. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

How do I buy a Pilsner Glass online?

You could opt for in-store pickup, but who has that kind of time these days? Either search through the glassware section of Amazon or just type in “Pilsner Glass” and you will see a large variety of options, all made from different brands. You will even be able to sift through the materials with ease online. Look for things like:

  • Lead-free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Same-Day Delivery

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