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Busker Review

This American take on a Bohemian classic gets a passing grade from us.

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Berkshire Brewing Company Busker
Berkshire Brewing Company Busker

A great beer to hide in the gig bag for Downtown NoHo or Amherst busking. So, break out your finish-cracked Takamine and get to it. You may just score a gig at the Iron Horse.

Bright and crisp for sure. Didn't quite get the same "Central Europe" vibe that we did with the East Rock Lager. Perhaps Czech-style brewing preferences are the difference between the top of the Knowledge Corridor and the bottom. Regardless, we prefer the Busker to the East Rock Lager.

For a food pairing, we recommend grilling up a thick swordfish steak, adding some cracked pepper, fresh garlic, and a wedge or two of lemon. A few stalks of asparagus later and you got yourself a meal.

Busking with an accordion, how traditional?

IBU 37
Hops Pilsner,Saaz