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Berkshire Brewing CompanyBusker

This American take on a Bohemian classic gets a passing grade from us.

Brewery: Berkshire Brewing Company

Type of Beer: Pilsner

ABV: 5%

IBU: 37

A great beer to hide in the gig bag for Downtown NoHo or Amherst busking. So, break out your finish-cracked Takamine and get to it. You may just score a gig at the Iron Horse.

Bright and crisp for sure. Didn't quite get the same "Central Europe" vibe that we did with the East Rock Lager. Perhaps Czech-style brewing preferences are the difference between the top of the Knowledge Corridor and the bottom. Regardless, we prefer the Busker to the East Rock Lager.

For a food pairing, we recommend grilling up a thick swordfish steak, adding some cracked pepper, fresh garlic, and a wedge or two of lemon. A few stalks of asparagus later and you got yourself a meal.

Berkshire Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

This American version of a traditional Bohemian Pilsner is a true lager, brewed to emulate the original style born in Plzen, Czechoslovakia. Berkshire uses authentic Pilsner floor malt from the Czech Republic in this classic beer. Light in color, our Pilsner is dry, crisp, and pungently hopped with Czech Saaz hops to impart a rich aroma with a subtle bitterness to the finish.

Hops & Malts used in the Busker brewing recipe

  • Pilsner
  • Saaz

Final thoughts on Busker

If we are choosing our favorite BBC brew, it's their Steel Rail Ale. Busker ain't a bad second though.

Busker, a Czech Style Pilsner brewed by Berkshire Brewing Company
Busking with an accordion, how traditional?