Veteran Owned Breweries - A State by State Guide

Support your local veteran-owned businesses, including the taprooms and brewpubs that they run.

Tribute, a Double IPA from Vermont's 14th Star Brewing Company, a Veteran-owned brewery
Super tasty double IPA by Vet-owned 14th Star Brewing

Rules for veteran-owned breweries: visit often and be respect. They fought for your ability to drink the beer they are brewing. So tip well, they've earned it.

We are compiling a list of all of the U.S. breweries that are owned by veterans. Please get in touch to add a brewery to the list.

Veteran Owned Florida Breweries

  • Veteran's United Craft Brewery (Jacksonville, FL)

Veteran Owned Georgia Breweries

Veteran Owned Idaho Breweries

Veteran Owned Maine Breweries

Veteran Owned Massachusetts Breweries

Veteran Owned New Hampshire Breweries

Veteran Owned Vermont Breweries