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Contoocook Blend

An outstanding hard apple cider. The Contoocook Blend was perfectly balanced in its flavor. And, exceptionally crisp.

Contoocook Blend is a hard cider by Contoocook Cider Company
Summer. Cider. Big Lake.

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Contoocook Blend
Brewery Contoocook Cider Company
Type of Beer Cider
ABV 6.9%

Sipping this heirloom blend lakeside is what summer is all about. And at 6.9%, it packs all the punch you need.

The town of Contoocook is a short car ride from Lake Winnipesaukee, where this gluten-free 12oz can of delight was imbibed. If you're in the Lakes Region and into hard ciders, then we suggest you grab a 4 pack of the Contoocook Blend. You will not be disappointed.

Contoocook Cider Company Cider Description

Contoocook Blend is made from late season apples, including many heirloom varieties. The name Contoocook means "place of the river near pines" and is in honor of the Native American Pennacook Tribe who lived in the area.

Apples used in the Contoocook Blend brewing recipe

Many heirloom varieties

Final thoughts on Contoocook Blend

Truly enjoyable. Would purchase again.