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Higher Math Review

It's fairly extraordinary. If you're gonna drink one, it's best to do so from the comfort of your own home.

Dogfish Head Brewery Higher Math
Dogfish Head Brewery Higher Math

Dogfish Head describes the mouthfeel of Higher Math as warming. We respect that opinion. We're also here to tell you that your whole body is going to be warming as this is the highest ABV beer we've ever had. Also the most expensive 4 pack of beer we've ever purchased too, coming in above $30 if we recall correctly. You know, the 17 percent alcohol by volume will do that to ya.

This was no watery, mass-produced, highly popular beer, no. This Dogfish Head offering was rich and lavish with cherry and chocolate notes. It reminded us a lot of the slime in Ghostbusters II, not only in looks, but also in how it was going to amplify your mood. In short, you better bring a positive attitude to the enjoyment of this bottle of beer. And, do so from your couch only.

Wish they brewed it again. It was outstanding.

ABV 17
IBU 35