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The 50 Most Popular Beers & Brewers in the U.S.

The top 50 beers in America by popularity, according to YouGov, are below.

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Cold Snap, a White Ale brewed by Samuel Adams Brewery
Sam Adams, good for any time of the year.

Ok, so we lied. There are really 100 beer brands here. The difference is that the first 50 belong to the mass market. We may even sneak in a brand of seltzer just to highlight how popular they are.

Samuel Adams helped spearhead the craft beer movement, so it's good to see them so high on the list. And, Yuengling is on the list. It's the oldest brewery in the U.S..

Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro Bend, VT
Hill Farmstead Brewery is RateBeer's Top-Ranked Brewery in 2020

The top 50 craft beer breweries in America, according to RateBeer, are below. The most popular craft beer is arguably Heady Topper. Personally, we prefer Puppers Beer, but that's just us.

Anyone else notice there was a mead from a meadery on the list?


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