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Slightly Mighty Review

If the can is to be believed, this IPA is good for sailing, cycling, camping, and ... operating a lighthouse?

Dogfish Head Brewery Slightly Mighty
Dogfish Head Brewery Slightly Mighty

Lo-cal IPAs, and low calorie beer in general, are gaining momentum in the craft beer world. Low calorie beer has been in the mass produced beer world for ages, and now U.S. craft breweries are starting to catch up to the Big Beer giants. No stranger to competition, Delaware's Dogfish Head has entered the market with Slightly Mighty, a lo-cal IPA that checks in at 95 calories, 3.6 carbs and 1g protein.

Slightly Mighty has many applications. It is a great beer for pre-gaming, for lunch, a college tailgate, and, it could easily be a breakfast beer or shower beer, that is how versatile and easy-going it is. If you're the type who enjoys lunch beers, then Slightly Mighty will pair well with either a turkey club or pastrami sandwich.

The beer itself is golden in color. Some citrus comes through, a hint of tropics. All in all, Slightly Mighty is balanced and quite drinkable. Not overly malty, not overly bitter.

A poured pint of Slighty Mighty from Dogfish Head
Low-calorie enjoyment

We aren't huge fans of low calories beer, but lo-cal craft beer is far superior to Miller Lite. Slightly Mighty from Dogfish Head is a beer we'd turn to again, especially later in the evening, even if it's not our everyday drinker.

Would we prefer a Slightly Mighty to a 60 or 90 Minute IPA? The answer is no. But that's also an unfair comparison to make though, as the 60 & 90 are entirely different brews. The light-hearted line art is appropriate.

Even comes in a craft beer variety pack.

The Box That Goes Boom Variety Pack from Dogfish Head Brewery
Dogfish always keeps it interesting.
IBU 30