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What is Hop Water & Where Can You Buy the Sparkling Hop-Infused Drink?

The Craft Beer revolution has left no stone unturned. And by stone, we mean no hops. And by hops, we mean Hop Water. Because apparently that’s a thing now.

Four cans of various flavors of Hop Wtr, including Blood Orange, Classic, Lime and Mango
Blood Orange, Classic, Lime and Mango Hop Wtr

What is Hop Water?

Hop Water is a type of beverage that is typically non-alcoholic and lacking in carbs and calories. In some ways, it’s a lot like commercially available seltzer that just so happens to be hop-flavored or hop-infused.

That’s how this beverage class is being marketed: zero-calorie, zero alcohol, and possibly zero fun if you’re truly into the hard stuff (truly is not a hard seltzer pun).

Hop Water vs NA Beer

While both Hop Water and NA Beer share a goal of zero alcohol, that’s where the similarities end. Non-Alcoholic beer, while reduced in caloric load, still has upwards of 100+ calories per 12oz serving.

Hop Water, or Hop-Infused Sparkling beverages are really driving toward zero calorie refreshments that use natural flavors as a foundation for taste differentiation.

A can of Blood Orange Hop Wtr
Blood Orange Hop Wtr

If you can believe it, Sparkling Hop Beverages are being touted as the next evolution in healthy living in the beer industry, claiming that their nutrient-dense, gluten free bevvies are even better for you than Non-Alcoholic Beer.

At this point, we don’t know what to think. Do you really want an IPA-inspired citrusy drink with adaptogens and nootropics? We’re not even sure what those words mean.

We do understand no sugar, and mocktail, but at that point, just order a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri and be done with it.

Ok ok, we digress.

Varieties & Brands of Hop Water

Because Sparkling Hop Water is right up there with Coke Classic and Gatorade when it comes to top of mind drinks to beat the Summer heat.

A can of Mango Hop Wtr
Mango Hop Wtr

Hop Wtr

Getting right to the point - at least naming-wise - is Hop Wtr, a zero alcohol beverage that also lacks in calories, carbs and sugar. Hop Wtr’s Classic version is said to be “refreshing and hydrating”, because why not?!

Anyway, the classic version has a bunch of Amarillo, Azacca, Citra and Mosaic hops that give you the floral bouquet you’re looking for.

Hop Splash (Sierra Nevada)

Sierra Nevada is getting in on the action with Hop Splash, a Sparkling Hop-Infused Water that is built on Amarillo and Citra hops. Interestingly enough, those two varietals give far less grass flavor in hoppy carbonated water than when utilized in beer. This makes the flavor of Hop Splash a bit more fruity. To properly set expectations, don’t expect Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, just expect some fruitiness.

Hoppy Refresher (Lagunitas)

Hoppy Refresher makes it feel like a drink you’d have after a workout. Or a beer mile.

Hoplark Sparkling Water

Hoplark makes 0.0 bevvies that deliver the true hop experience without the booze.

Daypack (Athletic Brewing Company)

Athletic Brewing Company, a crafter of excellent NA beers, makes their entry into the Sparkling Water with Infused Hops category with their Daypack series. A vegan-friendly beverage, Daypack selling point is on the quality of their standard variety pack flavors as well as those from their Pilot Program, specifically the Hibiscus Lemongrass and Yuzu Guava.

One customer had this to say about Yuzu Guava, "Refreshing! Subtle on the guava but the yuzu is present and refreshing!" "

Buy Cans of Daypack

Daypack Flavors (6)

  • Black Cherry
  • Blood Orange
  • Hibiscus Lemongrass
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mango
  • Yuzu Guava

Can You Get a Buzz Drinking Hop Water?

The only way you’re going to get a buzz from drinking Hop Water is if you pour in a few shots of vodka from that handle of Tito’s in your cupboard. Other than that, Hop Water and Sparkling Hop Water-style beverages will not get you drunk (or even buzzed).

It’s a beverage that’s more akin to Non-Alcoholic Beer. Probably best to think of it that way.

A variety pack of Hop Wtr
Hop Wtr Mixed Pack

Where to Buy Hop Water

Total Wine sells Hop Wtr, Hop Splash, and a variety of other brands and competitively marketed drinks. Instacart is another place to find your favorite hop-infused liquids, specifically Lagunitas Hop Refresher.

  • Instacart
  • Total Wine
  • Your local Beer & Wine store

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