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How Many Buzzballz Does it Take to Get Drunk?

The amount of Buzzballz it takes a person to get drunk depends on a variety of factors, including their individual tolerance for alcohol, the amount of alcohol in each Buzzball, and whether or not they already have alcohol in their bloodstream.

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Without knowing the answers to these questions, the average person would get drunk on 3-5 Buzzballz Ready-To-Drink Alcoholic Beverages. That’s because they are labeled with a 15% ABV, or 30 proof. In terms of alcohol content, that’s more than all but the strongest beers and slightly more than the average wine, but much less that hard liquor.

Question: What is ABV?

The convenience of not having to buy a whole handle of liquor and the associated mixers is what makes this category of adult beverage so popular. That, and Buzzballz seem to be inline with the single serving size of most pre-mixed cocktails that can be found on the shelves of your local liquor store.

Add to the fun a range of different flavors (cranberry, chocolate, margarita, etc), much liked hard seltzers and canned mixed drinks, and you have yourself a portable party-to-go.

Before we get carried away, know that these also occupy the same category as a Four Loko, only in a much smaller form factor. Alcoholic drinks get marketed to a variety of folks, ya know.

Buzzballz Flavors

From fruit juice to faux-flavored chocolate, Buzzballz cocktails offer patrons of the Buzzball a variety of adult beverages that are a mix of naughty natural flavors and liqueur heroism. Or something like that.

Some boast of orange wine, which might as well just be thought of as cheap Triple Sec. But all are labeled gluten-free, so there’s that.

  • Cran Blaster
  • Lotta Colada
  • Peachballz
  • Stiff Lemonade
  • Strawberry Rum Job
  • Tequila Rita

They all seem like the type of flavored drinks that one would serve at a Super Soft Birthday

How fast can you feel the alcohol in Buzzballz?

It always feels like the liquor hits you faster the first time you drink a new drink. While it’s most likely in our head - because SCIENCE! - it’s entirely possibly that we just aren’t prepared for the exact amount of alcohol in a new drink. And that makes sense, we just aren’t used to drinking it.

Given that, know that it takes roughly 30 minutes to feel the effects of one standard drink. This is per Bradford Health out of Birmingham, Alabama. There’s no way to sober up faster, so keep this in mind when you’re tasting the forbidden apple that is booze.

Anecdotally, if this is your beach drink of choice, and you're sitting out in the sun all day, we guarantee (not really) that you will feel a Buzzball much, much faster in your bloodstream. Always drink responsibly.

Buzzballz FAQs

How many shots in a Buzzball?

The average Buzzball contains approximately 4.5 shots by volume. However, the amount of shots with regard to the standard drink in a Buzzball is 1.3 shots.

That’s because a true shot is measured as a standard drink. That measurement in terms of spirits is 1.5 fl oz of liquor at approximately 80 proof, or, 40% alcohol content. A Buzzball is 6.76 fl oz with an ABV of 15%.

The percent alcohol in the beverage is what helps determine the overall intoxication rate that you will experience. For example, wine is generally in the 11-14% ABV range. And, it’s poured in increments of 4-5 ounces per glass. So a Buzzball on its own is just a bit more powerful than a glass of wine - another measure of a standard drink.

How many calories in a Buzzball?

There are between 200-400 calories per Buzzball. That’s because each flavor contains a different amount of carbs and sugars.

What type of alcohol is in a Buzzball?

Vodka, Rum, and/or Tequila are the spirits in a Buzzball. Once again, it comes down to the flavors as to which liquor the company is using to produce them.

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