Best Gluten Free Beer

More and more breweries around the United States are brewing gluten-free or gluten-reduced beers in the hope of being more inclusive and more accessible to people. Some breweries go so far as to be 100% Gluten-Free breweries.

Blonde Ale, a gluten-free Blonde Ale brewed by New Planet Beer Company
Millet and Oats and Maize
New Planet Beer Blonde Ale
Millet, Maize and (Gluten-Free) Oats, Oh my!

Blonde Ale (New Planet Beer)

Here is what New Planet has to say about their blonde ale, "Perfect for year-round enjoyment—think of our Blonde ale as your go-to rafting, camping, and skiing companion. This approachable beer is easy-going, refreshingly light and crisp, with subtle hints of citrus."

That's pretty much how we felt about it. We took it for a test drive drink on a camping trip up to North Conway last summer. It was an excellent fireside companion, that's for sure. The millet, maize and gluten-free oats crafted brew paired well with the table top griddle-cooked fish tacos we were whipping up after a long day of hiking through the White Mountains.

Columbidae (Lucky Pigeon Brewing Company)

Lucky Pigeon Brewing is the first dedicated gluten-free brewery in Maine. We think that deserves some recognition, so we included their Columbidae on our list of the best gluten free beers. Columbidae is a classic American Pale Ale. Lucky Pigeon says it's, "dry-hopped, floral with a biscuity malt base."

Located in Biddeford, Maine, a suburb of Portland, this microbrewery recently opened up its taproom back in September of 2021. Show them some support the next time you find yourself touring the Northeast for delicious craft brews.

Redbridge (Budweiser)

After 15 years of brewing Redbridge, AB InBev is still enjoying the profits of producing one of the most widespread gluten-free beers available today. A 12oz bottle of sorghum-based Redbridge nearly hits 5 on the alcohol content scale, which is fairly respectable. The beer is generally sold as a 6-pack of 12oz bottles. It's a fairly basic American brew, with an amber-y golden color and easy drinking feel to it. We know it's brewed by the biggest shareholder of Big Bev Beer, but it's not that bad.

Ghostfish Brewing Company Shrouded Summit

Shrouded Summit (Ghostfish Brewing Company)

Shrouded Summit blends orange peels, juniper berries, and coriander in harmony to craft up this "proper" Witbier. In our minds, it's a rock solid yardwork beer. To the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition and Sip Magazine, it's an award winning Belgian White Ale. Shrouded Summit is brewed with millet, malted buckwheat and malted rice.

Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing Woodpile
Woodpile Maple Brown Ale | Photo Credit to Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing

Woodpile (Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing)

Read Leaf takes Lucky Pigeon's role as the first gluten-free brewery in Maine and raises it up a notch to the first gluten-free brewery in New England. We think a Maple Brown Ale from Vermont is perfect for the occasion.