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Hopzilla Review

Where are Ash and Pikachu?

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Lawsons Finest Liquids Hopzilla
Lawsons Finest Liquids Hopzilla

The can artwork makes us wonder whether or not Hopzilla is a fresh DIPA or a high level Pokemon. If it were a Pokemon, what would its powers be? It's ultimate power would probably be the ability to put up a 2pm out-of-office message.

Hopzilla was probably battle tested at the VT Brewer's Festival back in the day. Some pine, some bitterness, some tropics, at least it lets light through. Haven't come up against a beer from Waitsfield's finest beverages that we didn't want again. All told, Triple Sunshine is preferably to this DIPA.

Copper(ish) pour. Hop forward. Green Mountain tranquility in a 16oz can.

A 16oz can of Hopzilla poured into a pint glass
Sparkly carbonation
ABV 8.7
Hops Amarillo,Cascade,Centennial,Summit