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Pearadox Review

Pearadox is like tossing your favorite fruits into a blender and adding booze. Ok, so maybe ever cider and perry are like that.

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Lookout Farm Taproom and Cider Company Pearadox
Lookout Farm Taproom and Cider Company Pearadox

A lunch cider for Memorial Day weekend. Or, well, any time really.

Hosui pears are a great choice for Lookout Farm's Pearadox, as they are fairly apple-like in their crunch and appearance, while retaining the sweetness of a pear. Mix them with the tart of a Jonagold and the sugar rush of a Fuji and you get a great blend of juices to ferment into a cider/perry.

The Lookout Farm Brewing & Cider Company patio is an idyllic place to sip a late summer cider. If you're looking for a new setting, this Massachusetts Cidery is a great change of pace.

If you prefer beer, then check out Lookout Farm's Hay Bale, a 5% abv blonde ale that is also refreshing in the summer.

ABV 6.3