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Hay Bale

Hay Bale is a tasty golden ale. Good for chorin', tractorin', mowin' and any other farm-related thing you need to get done.

Hay Bale, a Golden Ale brewed by Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company
The Hay Bale beer can screams get back to work.

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Hay Bale
Brewery Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company
Type of Beer Blonde Ale
ABV 5%

Have enough of these at the Lookout Farm Taproom and you may just end up in the Hay Pyramid, a safe play area made up of 400+ hay bales that you can make unsafe through some bad decisions.

Hay Bale is a golden ale that's got a sprinkle of spice, bread, and sweetness. It's a fairly balanced beer that is straw in color (as it should be).

Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company Beer Description

Hops & Malts used in the Hay Bale brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Hay Bale

Show up for the apple picking and leave with a four pack of Hay Bales. And, maybe a four pack of Pearadox while you're at it.