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Brewery: Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company


Pearadox is like tossing your favorite fruits into a blender and adding booze. Ok, so maybe ever cider and perry are like that.

Type of Beer: Hard Cider

ABV: 6.3%

Pearadox, a cider brewed by Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company
A lunch cider for Memorial Day weekend. Or, well, any time really.

Hosui pears are a great choice for Lookout Farm's Pearadox, as they are fairly apple-like in their crunch and appearance, while retaining the sweetness of a pear. Mix them with the tart of a Jonagold and the sugar rush of a Fuji and you get a great blend of juices to ferment into a cider/perry.

The Lookout Farm Brewing & Cider Company patio is an idyllic place to sip a late summer cider. If you're looking for a new setting, this Massachusetts Cidery is a great change of pace.

If you prefer beer, then check out Lookout Farm's Hay Bale, a 5% abv blonde ale that is also refreshing in the summer.

Lookout Farm Brewing And Cider Company Beer Description

Hosui Pear Cider “Fermented into an extravagant ‘pearadox’ of flavor, the sweetness of our Hosui pears blends with the tannin balanced juice of crisp Jonagold and Fuji Apples. Enjoy a taste of Lookout Farm in every can.”

Fruit used in the Pearadox brewing recipe

  • Fuji Apples
  • Hosui Pears
  • Jonagold Apples

Final thoughts on Pearadox

Fun, light, summery. Two thumbs up for Pearadox.