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The Mega Pint is Johnny Depp’s Go-To Drinking Amount

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor gave us a legendary new amount of booze during his trial with former spouse, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp discussing mega pints of wine during his testimony
Johnny likes Mega Pints of Wine | Photo Credit to the Depp/Heard trial

We’re not saying who is right or wrong in the case, we are just marveling at his admission to enjoying a Mega Pint of Red Wine for breakfast. And here we always thought beer was for breakfast.

Apparently it’s happy hour anytime according to the actor. I think Johnny Depp fans will find the video below fairly funny. It seems that there were tumblers of whiskey (neat?) waiting for Depp when he arrived at Ms. Heard’s house.

And here we thought Jack Sparrow only drank rum.

What is a Mega Pint?

A Mega Pint is an amount of wine that Johnny Depp drinks for breakfast.

Johnny Depp Mega Pint Quote from the Trial

Let’s set the scene. Actor Johnny Depp was on the stand in the defamation trial of Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp. Or was it Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard?

Here is a playback of the conversation Depp has with Heard’s lawyer during the court proceedings. Heard’s Attorneys (Rottenborn, we believe) have a field day as they bring up the Mega Pint a few times throughout the trial.

First time in the video

Attorney: “And you may have been ... you may have been ... may have been drunk in that video, correct?

Depp: “There’s a possibility of that, yes sir.”

Attorney: “You ... you poured yourself a mega pint of red wine?

Depp: “A mega pint? I poured myself a large glass of wine. I thought it necessary.”

You can hear the crowd crack up when Depp says, “A MEGA PINT?!”

Second time in the video

The attorney discusses how Depp was amused by the terminology (Mega Pint). He points out to Depp that Mega Pint is listed on Line 5 of the documentation.

“You were drunk, I’m going to suggest. What do you say to that?

Depp: “I may have been, I do not recall. The chances are very good that I was if I was upset.”

“We saw you pour a sort of ...

Depp: “Mega Pint”

“... mega pint of red wine, which is not everybody’s choice for breakfast, is it?”

Depp: “No.”

Watch the video, maybe even on fullscreen to get the most out of it. The full video tells a lot.

Mega Pint Gear

As it happens in the immediacy of the web, Mega Pint merch sprouted up for sale overnight after this appeared at the Johnny Depp trial. Stickers, T-Shirts, Wine Goblets and more are now available for purchase because of this hilarious meme.

  • Mega Pint Wine Glass
  • Unisex Mega Pint Tee

Wrapping Up

We’re genuinely curious just how much liquid volume goes into a Mega Pint. Is it just a regular pint glass? Is it a nonic pint glass worth of red wine? Was it even a beer glass?

Did Johnny fill up one of those huge goblets that Amy Schumer has in that shareable GIF meme on your phones when you want to tell your girlfriends what kind of day you’re having?

Does anyone else know?

Anyway, if you decide to celebrate happy hour anytime and pour yourself a Mega Pint, remember the one word that can get you out of all trouble, well, except legal trouble, and that is ... “Pirate!”

Mega Pint FAQs

Why are people saying mega pint?

They are saying Mega Pint because Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp made the term famous via it’s use in the defamation trial.

Who coined the term mega pint?

Ben Rottenborn coined the term Mega Pint as he was the first to say it during the trial. Rottenborn is Heard’s attorney.

What is a mega pint of red wine?

It’s a lot of red wine. If we take the common beer glass as an example and look through the sizes of beer glasses that get made, we will find that a Mega Pint Glass does exist and it can hold up to 64oz of liquid.

Using that model, we can arguably say that a Mega Pint is 64oz of Red Wine. In beer parlance, we call that a pitcher.

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