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Brewery: Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company

Cosmic Distortion

Despite its awesome branding, Cosmic Distortion comes in a bit under the radar. Good beer. We think?

Type of Beer: Double IPA

ABV: 8%

Cosmic Distortion, a Double IPA brewed by Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company

A good beer, if not that memorable. The beer can artwork stands out in our minds more than the actual beer does. To be fun, maybe Mighty Squirrel should have turned the ABV up to 11 instead of the amps.

Great branding on both accounts. Mighty Squirrel and Cosmic Distortion are two great names, one a brewery name and the other a beer name.

Might Squirrel Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

Bundled in each can are a few of our favorite things: friendship, sports, entrepreneurship, innovation, and fun. We hope you enjoy Mighty Squirrel and have many mighty moments to celebrate.

Cheers, Naveen & Henry

Hops & Malts used in the Cosmic Distortion brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Cosmic Distortion

All in all, nothing you should kick out of your basement beer fridge. Not a Hall of Famer, but not many are.