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Sea Dog Brewing Company North Conway

You can have mixed feelings about the Blue Paw Blueberry Wheat, but we like it.

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Sea Dog Brewing Company North Conway in Conway NH
A big barn of beer. Only, in a strip mall.

Sea Dog is situated just South of North Conway Village next to the Underground Bakery & Cafe and North Conway Music Center. The rafter/loft set up is exactly what you expect from a ski town brewpub. Fresh beer, fresh food, and even a place for the kids to go and get away on the second floor.

The North Conway Sea Dog brewpub
Standard ski town loft atmosphere

We've always dug the dog with the fisherman's hat brewery logo for Sea Dog. Quite the puppers that dog is.

Sea Dog Brewing Company North Conway Beer

  • Blueberry Wheat
Two pours of Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat
Those look like children's mugs, right?

Brewery Food/Menu

The brewpub has a full-service menu for patrons.

Chairs and couches in the Sea Dog loft
The type of hangout you want in your house

Brewery Entertainment & Events

They had a Nintendo switch for the kids upstairs in the loft area.