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Slim Chillers Makes Slim Shooters, a Skinny Pocket Shot Vodka Cocktail

Where, oh where can you buy these pre-packaged boozy cocktails for summer enjoyment? That's what you want to know, right?

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Slim Chillers Slim Shooters, a pouch-packaged cocktail.
Tear open and enjoy | Photo Credit to Slim Chillers

Flavored Vodka Shooters are a beach chair's best friend. Seriously, these are a great beach drink option. Slim Chillers makes these one-off packaged shots of boozy fun for the adventurer in you.

That's because they are consumable at room temperature. And by room temperature, we mean 82 degrees and sunny. The only cloudiness you should notice is a bit of brain fog creeping in after a couple of Black and Blue Slim Shooters.

PS - Consume responsibly.

Slim Shooters Flavors

There are two types of flavors that Slim Chillers makes. There are Vodka Shots and Cream Flavors.

Vodka Shot Slim Shooters

At 20 calories, who doesn't want to enjoy these summer snacks?

Cream Flavored Slim Shooters

8-times distilled and triple-filtered. If that matters?

What may matter are that the cream varieties have 60 calories per serving. If you care.

Slim Shooter FAQs

What is the ABV of Slim Shooters?

Slim Shooters are 17.5% ABV (30 proof).

What is the Calorie count of a Slim Shooter?

One serving is 25ml and ranges from 20 calories (Vodka Shot) to 60 calories (Cream Shot)

Where can I buy Slim Shooters near me?

Look for Slim Shooters are the local Total Wine. Or, you can buy them online through a company like ShotsBox.

They tend to cost about $1 per serving. Using that math, a 30-pack of Slim Chillers Slim Shooters would go for approximately $30 dollars.

Can I make my own pocket shots?

Technically they wouldn't be the same brand. But, if you had a way to seal up plastic, you could probably cut open Freeze-Pops or those Little Hug Barrel Drinks and mix them with some vodka, much to the same effect. A handle of Tito's would work well for this.

FYI - a handle pours 39.5 shots.

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