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The Brewmaster's Tavern

Do people even use the word tankard anymore?

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You can feel the history in the age of the wood at The Brewmaster's Tavern. This is where tankards of ale were meant to be consumed.

Who doesn't love a Sunday Breakfast Buffet? The idea that you need to hit up a Sunday Breakfast Buffet always hits you when you're talking a sunrise stroll with the ol' puppers around town. Too bad Brewmaster's Tavern isn't one of the places where you can buy Puppers Beer in the U.S.

And, who doesn't love a lineup of 15-20 taps, ready to pour tasty craft beer into your waiting to be filled mug? The Brewmaster's Tavern is old. Real old. So old that it is staring down it's 200th year of existence. Actually, it might be older.

Gotta hand it to a classic New England tavern. Wide plank floors. Exposed beams. Picnic tables and a courtyard. Live music from time to time. In total, the Brewmasters Tavern is a good place to enjoy a pint and some grub.

If you are trying to include The Brewmaster's Tavern in a brewery tour, it is a half hour drive from Springfield breweries, hour and a half from Worcester breweries, and just under two hours from Boston breweries.

If you're traveling to a bordering state, it's 45 minutes to the Connecticut breweries, New Hampshire breweries and Vermont breweries, 90 minutes to New York breweries and Rhode Island breweries, and two and a half hours to Maine breweries.

The Brewmaster's Tavern Beer

Serving a large complement of Opa Opa beers. This includes stouts, IPAs, the Watermelon Ale, the Red Rock Amber, and an Oktoberfest. And of course, the A-10 Warthog. A sixer of their brew would make for a great gift for the beer lover in your family.

Opa Opa's Oktoberfest is their best beer for brats. It's also a great beer for beer battering fish. It's also one of the better Oktoberfest beers we've had.

Brewery Food/Menu

Pizza. Salads. Pot pies. Entrees. Seafood. Steaks. Quesadillas. Nachos. Apps. And lots more.