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Hat Trick Review

Sips as smooth as a silky Hat Trick, yet punches as powerful as a Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

Twin Barns Brewing Company Hat Trick
Twin Barns Brewing Company Hat Trick

Like Canada and Minnesota, New England loves hockey. So, it's not hard to understand why New England breweries love naming their craft beers are hockey slang. For instance, Smuttynose's Backcheck IPA, which, coincidentally, is also a product of the great Granite State.

Pumper Nicholl goal celebration

Pro move immortalizing the Pumper Nicholl on the can. Twin Barns slays with their excellent artwork once again. We think they have one of the best brewery logos in the game, which, conveniently enough, lends itself to not only fantastic can artwork, but also custom carved Connect Four chips in their outdoor beer garden.

This Triple IPA is right up there with Widowmaker's Triple Ecstasy for us. It's a creamy delight that respects the Creamsicle's blue line by not over-skating its bounds. We plan on having another at our earliest convenience.

Brewed for the New England Pond Hockey Classic? Wheel snipe celly, boys!

ABV 10.1