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Lake Cruiser Review

7.8% is enough to make you wait until after your Lake Winnipesaukee cruise has ended.

Twin Barns Brewing Company Lake Cruiser
Twin Barns Brewing Company Lake Cruiser

The wooden Lake Cruiser on the front of the can is a scene straight out of a Peter Ferber painting. We can thank North Hampton, NH based Rumbletree for the fine branding.

Twin Barns' write up on the Lake Cruiser feels a bit more fitting to another Double IPA with a similar flavor profile, Mighty Squirrel's Cosmic Distortion.

We don't feel confident in Twin Barns' boast of 7.8% being a "barn-wrecker". But, we will sign off on the smooth finish and full-bodied stature of their brew.

You'll detect some nectarine, some pineapple, and other hints of citrus as you lounge with this lakeside libation.

ABV 7.8