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Lemon Next to the Pie Review

Not even sure this beer is real. We just assume it's a liquified lemon curd based pastry.

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Vitamin Sea Brewing Lemon Next to the Pie
Vitamin Sea Brewing Lemon Next to the Pie

Tart, yet creamy.

Just like their Blueberry Pancake Ale, Lemon Next to the Pie is exactly what it claims to be, a craft beer version of a Lemon Meringue pie. It's truly spot on.

Part of the huge fall Saturday haul that included:

This is the kind of craft beer that, if brewed in the 80s, would have been the darling of coastal Floridian beaches. Heck, probably true today, too. The issue is that it is brewed on the South Shore of Massachusetts, a place as culturally distant as one could get. Although, Weymo Man isn't all that far from Florida Man.

A 16oz can of Lemon Next to the Pie poured into a pint glass
Neon Yellow, just like the lemon filling of a Lemon Meringue pie!

We can't say enough about Lemon Next to the Pie. It's absolutely delicious. We'd understand if it's a bit too much, a bit overly sweet. We enjoy it immensely though. It reminded us a lot of a Lemon Drop shot.

ABV 6.2