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Brewery: Widowmaker Brewing Company

Martin & Lewis

A full-bodied Milkshake IPA without being overly saturated. The vanilla is tasteful and complementary. We will agree on the maximum creaminess. A "making dinner" beer.

Type of Beer: Milkshake IPA

ABV: 7.1%

Martin & Lewis, a Milkshake IPA brewed by Widowmaker Brewing Company
Anyone else see a Rorschach test in yellow and black?

Other enjoyable Widowmaker brews including their Blue Comet, Triple Ecstasy, and Widowlager.

Made the trip up to Widowmaker in Braintree, MA because we've enjoyed their beers immensely. Walked away with the Martin & Lewis and the Widowlager in 4pk form. Would have enjoyed drinking on their outdoor patio, but didn't have the time. One thing we noticed was just how windy it was up there on the Braintree hilltop.

Widowmaker Brewing Company Beer Description

Smooth & Creamy, Bright & Juice, Martin & Lewis!

Cloudy and yellow in color, the nose is full of tropical fruit with a hint of vanilla right behind. Minimal bitterness, maximum sweet creaminess!

A 16oz can of Martin & Lewis poured into a pint glass
Pushing that Squam Brewing pint glass pretty hard.

Hops & Malts used in the Martin & Lewis brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Martin & Lewis

A good beer for baking, if that's your thing. Or, maybe cooking a a great slab of swordfish. Maybe we're just thinking this because it could sub for a white wine in a fish dinner.