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Triple Ecstasy

An incredible beer. It's scary how easy it is to drink this Triple IPA. Such is the legacy of Widowmaker's Triple Ecstasy.

Triple Ecstasy, a Triple IPA brewed by Widowmaker Brewing Company
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Triple Ecstasy
Brewery Widowmaker Brewing Company
Type of Beer Triple IPA
ABV 10.2%

Triple Ecstasy is an explosion of mouth-tingling flavor.

Widowmaker Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

A 16oz can of Triple Ecstasy poured into a pint glass
Looks as good as it tastes

Hops & Malts used in the Triple Ecstasy brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Triple Ecstasy

A joy to drink. Flavorful. Smooth. Really suffered a severe case of cenosillicaphobia after polishing off this (boozy) doozy.