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Exit 32 Review

Drinking an Exit 32 at Exit 32 would be sublime. Not that we condone public drinking. Just some wishful thinking is all. We're the kings of that.

Woodstock Inn Brewery Exit 32
Woodstock Inn Brewery Exit 32

Ahh, ol' Exit 32. This craft beer's namesake is the warm, comforting reminder that you are approaching the start of the White Mountains and that, because Lincoln & Woodstock are stacked with excitement, you needn't go any further. Exit 32 brings you to Loon Mountain, The Flume, and the Woodstock Inn Brewery.

We can thank the brewery for this 5% galaxy hopped bundle of joy. We're not sure how Woodstock did it, but they've brewed Exit 32 with 100% more New Hampshire.

While we are on the subject, is anything more American than New Hampshire? Its motto is Live Free or Die. It's home to the Presidential Mountain Range, highlighted by Mount Washington. It's a (subtly) coastal state that shares a border with another country, the same fine country that produced Puppers Beer. It hosts a major motorcycle rally down in NH's Lakes Region.

It then only makes sense that this American Pale Ale would be brewed in such a great state.

There was no sadness to find Woodstock's Exit 32 in our variety pack, as it is a good beer and we will drink it again.

A variety pack of Woodstock Inn Brewery beers. It included the Red Rack Ale, Pig's Ear Brown Ale, Lost River Light, and Exit 32
You can taste the New Hampshire
IBU 40
Hops Galaxy