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Pigs Ear Brown Ale Review

A good post-hike late Autumn beer. Maybe you peeped some leaves. Maybe some leaves peeped you. Either way, a few Pig's Ear brown ales will leave you feeling warm all over.

Woodstock Inn Brewery Pigs Ear Brown Ale
Woodstock Inn Brewery Pigs Ear Brown Ale

We like Woodstock. We like the brewery. And we like Pig's Ears. So, we have that going for us.

The brewery can be found just a couple minute's drive west off the exit (32). In the spirit of English nut brown style ales, the Woodstock brewery features an old red phone both. No, you cannot travel in time if you step inside it. But if you could, you could go back and see Woodstock Inn Brewery's old can artwork and branding.

Woodstock Inn Brewery's Pig's Ear Brown Ale
The old artwork

Our (latest) Pig's Ear came via Woodstock variety pack, along with the Exit 32, Lost River Light, and Red Rack ale.

We will keep coming back to it as long as they keep brewing it.

A variety pack of Woodstock Inn Brewery beers. It included the Red Rack Ale, Pig's Ear Brown Ale, Lost River Light, and Exit 32
ABV 4.3
IBU 25