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Race Pace

Perhaps the ideal beer for a beer mile?

Race Pace, a New England IPA brewed by ZeLUS Beer Company
Not enough ABV to make the stopwatch fuzzy

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Race Pace
Brewery ZeLUS Beer Company
Type of Beer New England IPA
ABV 3.7%
IBU 30

Interestingly enough, Race Pace is brewed under special agreement with Castle Island Brewing over in Norwood, MA. What's more, it's available in parts of New England.

ZeLUS Beer Company Beer Description (on can)

Race Pace was conceived as a hybrid beer, combining a classic low gravity English Mild recipe with the heavy-handed dry hopping of a New England IPA. An easy drinking beer, it has a base of classic pale malts layered with resinous, citrusy, hoppy goodness from it's use of Mandarina Bavaria and other hops. Big flavor with a low gravity, Race Pace is a beer brewed to compete with the best.

Hops & Malts used in the Race Pace brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Race Pace

Decent beer. If we were runners, we could see tossing back a Race Pace or two after an 800 or 2-mile track event. The low abv is the selling point with this ZeLUS brew.