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Fun Adult Beer Costumes for Halloween

It's that time of the year again. You have two weeks until Halloween. What'cha gonna do?

Adult-Sized Beer-Themed Costumes

We love hilarious costumes. Here are some of the best beer-themed Halloween costumes that we've seen over the years.

Pint Glass Beer Costume

Always a classy move to show up to a party (or anywhere) dressed as a pint glass. Look, it's the proper way to start off the list of hilarious beer-themed costumes. It's silly. It's over the top, well, the foam that is. Think about it ... you're a big, giant poured glass of beer ... what more could you want?!

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Beer Keg Costume

There's always some guy who dresses up in the beer keg costume every single Halloween party. Why? Because it's rad.

Bonus points if that guy (girl, or otherwise) pours everyone beers for everyone at the party from the working tap. THAT is the true way to play the Beer Keg Costume, actually being a keg.

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Green Beer Bottle Costume

For some reason green beer bottles never seem outta place. If we're being honest though, it looks a bit like Beck's, Heineken, or a Rolling Rock costume, albeit unlicensed.

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Oktoberfest Ride on Beer Guy Costume

The whole "person riding on someone else" costume fad is absolutely hysterical to us. And so it is with this Marzen-lovin' costume.


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Red Solo Cup Beer Pong Costume

We've played a round or two of beer pong in our day. As a drinking game, we much prefer it to drinking down a waterfall. What we've never done is wear a Red Solo Cup Beer Pong Costume while playing beer pong though. You could do far, far worse than this beer-themed costume, that's for sure.

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Budweiser Beer Bottle Costume

A cold bottle of Bud is good for a laugh, though the craft beer nerds might not be pleased. Hopefully they can take a joke.

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Corona & Lime Beer Costume

Though not technically "Corona", this Corona-style costume is a pretty solid couples costume. There is also a salt costume if you need it. Is there a Coronita Beer costume?

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Bud Light Beer Costume

As we've covered, Bud Light is the cheap beer of cheap beers. Hopefully the costume isn't constructed cheaply. Plus, we love the headband. This Bud Light Halloween costume is a winner.

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