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The Best Craft Beer Podcasts That Cover the Beer Industry in 2023

For when you can't stop thinking about beer and you want something to listen to on your ride to work.

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There are beer podcasts, and there are podcasts that talk about beer. This article is about the former. That said, podcasts such as The Reality Check podcast have covered interesting beer topics ... like trying to get to the truth about Helium Beer. We have our own thoughts on the truth about Helium Beer, in case you're interested.

Anyway, here's our list of the best beer podcasts online today.

Beer Guys Radio

Another stalwart of beer podcasting, Beer Guys Radio will cover any and all topics, from brewery and beer ABV to homebrewing and beer festivals. Heck, they even come at ya live from a fest every now and then.

How to Tune In: Beer Guys Radio Podcast

Beer In Front

Dave Zalatoris isn't afraid to cover any topic, or, drink any beer for his weekly show. So don't be surprised when he enjoys a cold Busch - or other popular mass produced beers - when discussing some cider news from Chicago.

Beer In Front is an enjoyable listen that feels like a patio conversation with a friend. To us, that's a good thing. We don't always need a steady stream of esoteric beer culture tidbits. Sometimes we just need to drink a Mickey's and enjoy some news about Buffalo breweries.

How to Tune In: Beer In Front

BeerSmith Home Brewing Podcast

One of the things we love about BeerSmith's podcast is their categorization of every podcast. And by that we mean that you don't have to advance in chronological order through the series of episodes, you can just choose your topic and double down on it.

For instance, you can dive into the general brewing process, beer judging, beer styles, kegging, recipe formation, the business of starting a craft brewery and more. They even cover cideries and meaderies.

How to Tune In: BeerSmith Podcast

Brewbound Podcast

Brewbound takes it up a notch. The podcast is less a debate of the IPA vs Pale Ale and more of a higher level look into the craft beer industry. Topics include branding, expanding the brewing community, and legislation to name a few.

Yes, they will still interview the owner of a Brewing Co. or two, but industry beer news is the name of the game for the Brewbound Podcast.

How to Tune In: Brewbound Podcast

Brew Roots Podcast

The Brew Roots Podcast is action-packed with insight into the craft beer at the local level, specifically small breweries in New England.

How to Tune In: Brew Roots Podcast

Brews Less Traveled

What do you do when you run a successful beer subscription box and brewery tour business? You start a podcast!

Brews Less Traveled actually allows for interaction through their livestream Wednesdays. Brian Hatheway, the host of Brews Less Traveled, travels city to city meeting and interviewing the taproom staff and upper management of breweries in the US.

How to Tune In: Brews Less Traveled Podcast

Brews with Broads

"Brews with Broads aims to celebrate and elevate the stories of Women and Non-Binary people in the world of craft beer. Every other Thursday, host Hannah Kiem cracks open a cold one with a craft beer professional from every corner of the industry to explore how they got to where they are, where they're going, and what they've learned along the way."

Brews with Broads tackles subjects that most of the other podcasts on this list either steer clear of, or, don't go in-depth on. And with Episode titles like, "If Not Me Then Who" and "Getting Uncomfortable", it's clear that Hannah's voice is not only welcome, but necessary for the industry.

How to Tune In: Brews with Broads Podcast

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® Podcast

A professional podcast that covers the world of craft beer from the perspective of a brewer. Episodes discuss the details of the fermentation process, bottling and canning, and less commonly used varities of hops and yeast.

You want to talk about CO2? Then Craft Beer & Brewing's Podcast is for you.

How to Tune In: Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® Podcast

Good Beer Hunting Podcast

Hard to fail when your name is Good Beer Hunting. That said, everything Good Beer Hunting puts out is quality. That's because they take the time to do extensive research and they write with a unique, authentic quill.

Their Podcast is no different. Beer lovers can drink heavily from the fountain of knowledge that is Good Beer Hunting. They treat craft brewers and the industry with all of the due respect it deserves.

One piece from Good Beer Hunting that we really enjoyed was this piece on Firestone Walker from back in 2016.

How to Tune In: Good Beer Hunting Podcast

How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery: The Podcast

Kelly KFM Meyer promises to "share the sometimes gory but always honest truth hidden in the craft beer industry." Each new episode is a deep dive into the brewing industry at the been-there, done-that level. The conversations with brewing company owners and operators is authentic, because KFM ran his own brewery for years in Texas.

This Craft Beer Podcast is stems from his book of the same name, "How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery". It's a fun read if you are interested.

One reviewer on Apple Podcasts said, "Kelly does a great job shedding light on common mistakes and pitfalls that can wreck a Brewery business. Humorous and educational! Great tips on what makes any business successful."

How to Tune In: How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery: The Podcast

Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast

Inflation concerns, packaging issues, E-Commerce & Marketing tips. All that from a nearly one hour long (mostly) monthly podcast.

How to Tune In: Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast


Steal This Beer

"Beer gurus Augie Carton (Carton Brewing) and John Holl (author and beer writer) get to the bottom of the day’s most pressing craft beer issues with help from opinionated brewer friends, know-it-all barkeeps, and smarmy industry insiders. For each episode, Augie and John will blind-taste and dissect two beers on air (provided by that episode’s guest) while discussing current beer topics, news, and styles."

That's their description and we think it fits perfectly. They aren't afraid to break out of their Jersey roots, as evidenced on Episode 375 where they interview Paul and Bryan of Italy Brew Tours who give the Steal This Beer crew insight into the craft beer scene of Italy (obviously).

Steal This Beer is a mix of beer news, beer education and beer drinking. That's a good place to be in our books.

How to Tune In: Steal This Beer Podcast

The Beerists

With a new weekly episode every Monday, The Beerists have pushed beyond the 520 mark, signaling a decade of beer tasting and waxing philosophic on ales and lagers from the co-hosts of the show. The Beerists love establishing relationships with listeners almost as much as they love great beer.

From Oregon to Ohio, The Beerists cover extensive territory when discussing, and consuming (yes, they drink beer on the show), quality craft beer. Subscribe to their Patreon in support of them and one of the reward levels even grants you a beer glass with their logo on it.

The Beerists have undergone some changes over the years with a co-founder departing (if we have that info correct).

How to Tune In: The Beerists Podcast

The Girls Brewery Podcast

Founded by Bob Pepin, the found of The Girls Brewery, is the The Girls Brewery Podcast, a weekly podcast that covers beer, life and everything in-between. Bob meets with other local brewers in Massachusetts to talk over sour beers, pairings, the difficulties of managing a brewery, and parenting.

The Girls Brewery Podcast guests even include Jim Bowser, manager of the Homebrew Emporium, a home brewing supply store in Massachusetts. The world of craft beer would benefit from more head brewers taking to the mic and sharing their own deep dive beyond their own beer, like Pepin. We're in the camp that it would give the audience a real insiders feel when listening.

How to Tune In: The Girls Brewery Podcast.

Weekly Beer Show

Travel Man Dan and Nate (of many names) are just "two regular guys who drink beer".

Is the Weekly Beer Show technically a podcast? No. But, it's enjoyable listen on Saturday mornings. You know, when you're cracking a session IPA and eating your frozen pizzas because it's the only thing available.

Check out an episode where they review beers from Buffalo Breweries.