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The Best Beer of the Month Clubs & Subscription Boxes

Like pizza, you bring beer to us. That's what we love about beer clubs & subscription boxes, the ability to receive tasty brews from the comfort of our own.

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A subscription box of beer delivered and then poured into beer mugs
Can't wait to open them when they arrive

Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club ("The Original") loves finding unique, small-batch bees to deliver to you from every state in the union. Monthly orders ship with profiles on the craft breweries, recipes, and of course, a dozen super delicious brews. The icing on the cake, or rather, the lacing on the glass for this beer of the month club is the perks, including a beer opener, custom koozies, and a year long subscription to a favorite magazine of ours, Beer Connoisseur.


Pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription, craft beer delivery app, Tavour, doesn't seem to mind. Tavour boats of having over 650+ breweries on their app, which if you're counting, represents about 7% of the total number of breweries in the nation. Their selection is fantastic, offering up highly sought Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts, Smoothie Sours, and esoteric Lambics. That's not to say you can't get an IPA on the platform, not at all. It's more to showcase the diversity of Tavour's collection.

Tavour Craft Beer Delivery Logo

Brews Less Traveled Monthly Beer Club

Brews Less Traveled is the monthly subscription arm of City Brew Tours, a regional brewery tour business operating in the Northeast. They do a great job all-around of leading live experiences, collecting and delivering high quality beers, and serving as a news channel for the industry with their podcast of the same name. The latter is good enough to be included on our list of the best beer podcasts to listen to.

As for the monthly beer club, each subscription grants you the benefits below. With the price of gas these days, the 8-beer box nearly pays for itself at $79.99/month.

  • Eight (8) or sixteen (16) hand-selected beers from at least 4 different breweries from that month’s featured city
  • Brews Less Traveled weekly livestream where you get to hang out with brewery guests and learn about the beers and beer culture of that month’s city.
  • A brewery guide to that month’s city and other fun souvenirs and keepsakes

Beer of the Month Club

Free shipping and a U.S.-backed Grant ($50) get you a dozen quality beers, and have each month, dating all the way back to 1994. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club intermingles ales and lagers so your taste buds will never be bored. What's more, each shipment comes with a few rare microbrews mixed in that you're bound to enjoy. And don't just take it from us, take it from Kris Calef, President and Founder of Beer of the Month Club. He's not only the President, he's a client!

Direct quote from Mr. Calef, "I stand by every bottle and can of craft beer we select. We take our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee quite seriously, priding ourselves in building relationships, by knowing our product, and offering responsive, care-driven customer service."

Here are some additional options from the Beer of the Month Club. If you're asking us, it's one of the best sites to buy beer online.

International Beer Club

Tired of American beers? Switch it up with an International Beer Club subscription. Included are beers from around the globe, including British beers, Irish Ales, and other fine varieties from the other continents.

The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club

Want to split U.S. & International? Well Beer of the Month Club has your back with the U.S. & Intl. Variety mix pack here.

Hop-Heads Beer Club

This is where Beer of the Month Club gets serious about adding beers that start with the letters I & P, as in IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Session IPLs, and more. Hop-Heads rejoice to these kinds of lineups.

Rare Beer Club

We think the name says it all.

IPA Beer of the Month Club

India Pale Ale lovers rejoice, you have an official beer subscription service to belong to.

The Hops Collective

Every month, The Hops Collective helps users discover new craft beers from brewers around North America. You know, like every other club on this list. What separates them is their low-key, casual approach to helping their customers find delight in their chosen monthly package. In some instances, they even offer same day delivery, which is pretty slick if you ask us. We wouldn't be surprised if we found out that The Hops Collective casually includes beers from Connecticut breweries, as it is headquartered just off the coast in Milford, CT. This would be a good thing in our opinion, as the state has some really fantastic beer, yet substantially low exposure in the market.

Beer Across America

Unlike the Hops Collective, Beer Across America lives in Dallas, Texas. Beer Across America lets customers curate the monthly selections (after shipment #2) for maximum enjoyment. Their major rule, and unbending policy they call it, is to always deliver beer in 12oz bottles. No 16oz tallboy cans, no 22oz bombers, nada. They consider bottled beers to be of the highest quality. This is good to know if you find yourself sitting squarely in Can Camp like John Kimmich and his Heady Topper.

First Sip Brew Box beer subscription service
Brewmaster, Enthusiast, and Connoisseur | Photo Credit to First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box sounds way more coffee than beer, but we're down with it. This subscription service offers three tiers, as is par for the course. Beyond the main monthly offering, each increase in tier offers more food and swag options. Referring a friend hooks you up with a special gift (ex. beer glass), which is kind of First Sip & team. They also offer custom box options for weddings, corporate events, and more.

First Sip Brew Box Options

  • The Brewmaster Brew Box ($25)
  • The Enthusiast Brew Box ($50)
  • The Connoisseur Brew Box ($80+)

Beer Drop

Beer Drop, a Colorado-based craft beer subscription business, provides a broad variety of brews each month. It is their goal to provide their clients with the freshest, tastiest, and most inventive craft beer available in The Centennial State. Consider joining Beer Drop if you want to sample some of the greatest beers in the United States.

The Maine Beer Box being loaded onto a ship
Pure awesome | Photo Credit to Maine Brewers Guild

Maine Beer Box

Quite possibly the singlest greatest thing we've seen since 0.0 on the game clock in third period of the 1980 Olympic Hockey USA vs Russia matchup, is the Maine Beer Box. It's a giant shipping container capable of serving up to 78 draft lines and can be brought by ship around the globe to provide cold, fresh Maine beer to the thirsty.

Commissioned by the Maine brewers guild in 2017 as part marketing campaign and part ambassador of heroic goodwill to the fine people of Earth, this is the ultimate beer box. The Maine Beer box considers Portland its home, so you can expect a lot of excellent beer to travel with it from Portland breweries.

Available for rental, so subscribe to that beer box, son!